Welcome to our homepage, here you can see news and pictures of our lovely family members!

We started up a small cattery in 2006, had our first litter in October 2007.
We started off breeding pure siamese, pedigreed siamese in at least 10 generations,
but then we completely fell in love with orientals and decided to include them in our breeding.

We live in a city called Stavanger, located south/west in Norway.

Our cats all live together, even the studs live with us and the rest of the house.
We love every living creature equally, that's why you'll see we got mostly neutred cats, who have been here since the beginning and we love them dearly.

Our goal is to breed healthy babies, with a super temper, modern type, and with a great pedigree.
We keep our inbreeding level as low as possible and always under 4,0% in 10 generations.

All our cats are often to health checks at the vets, and everyone is FIV/FeLV + PRA tested.

The cats/kittens are our babies, they mean the world to us.
They will be socialized, and used to normal household noises. other cats and our dogs, Gaby and Diva.
Our dalmatian, Gaby is 8 years old. She loves cats, and is sooo good with them all.
Diva is the newest addition to our family, she's a Mexican Hairless Dog.
She is now 2 years old and adores our cats and they love her back, even the tiny babies think she's their second mom :)

I prefer selling kittens to indoor homes, and there has to be another cat/dog in the house.
Oriental cats are highly sociable and get lonely if they are all by themselves.

If you have some questions or just want to send us a couple of words,
please feel free to contact me at:

Email: hanne@bluehearts.no