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CH (N)Fuzzy Logic's Esprit

CH (N)Ardern's Elita Blue


Born 15.12.2008


(N)Blue Heart's Elita's Rose - SIA n
Died 10 days old

(N)Blue Heart's Elita's Graceful - SIA n
Died 4 days old

The sad story about our D - Litter

One evening at the end of Elita's pregnancy, we noticed she was acting strange.
It was like she had some problems swallowing, and couldn't breath properly.
We went straight to the veterinary and got the awful news about her having double sided pneumonia.
Her body had been working with getting the kittens big and healthy, 
while her own just body got worse and worse.
Our priority was getting Elita healthy again, even if we lost the small ones, all we wanted was our girl.

We went back and forth to the vets, day and night.
Because she was pregnant she couldn't recieve every type of antibiotics, some could get her into labor, and her body wasn't ready to give birth.

A few intense days later where we've done all we could, we stayed up with her day and night, helping her with whatever we could.
Our veterinarian decided it was best if she had a c-section, so her body could focus on itself and not the babies.
We had great hopes!

Our wonderful Elita, died 2 days after the caesarian, her body gave up,
even if Elita didn't... Such a strong and brave girl.

She slept in our arms the last night, she always loved that, so did we.

We are heartbroken, hurt inside, feel a big empty space that will always be there.

Rest in peace, Elita my love.
We will cherish the memories and the best gifts you gave us.
We love you so much, nothing will ever replace you.


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